Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between service charge and management charge?

The Service Charge is what each leaseholder pays per year to enable all of the communal costs of the development to be met. This includes for example: the Lodge Manager’s salary, window cleaning, gardening, electricity for communal areas etc. An explanation of each element of the Service Charge is available should you require it.

Our management fee is an element of the service charge and relates to the services we provide within the development. 

Does Millstream Management Services have a Complaints Procedure?

At Millstream Management Services we strive to provide the highest standards of service to all our clients, but to ensure that your interests are safe-guarded, a complaints procedure is in place. We treat complaints very seriously.

We are committed to investigating any complaints received as quickly and thoroughly as possible. When we receive a complaint, we will acknowledge it in writing within 5 working days explaining what will happen next.

If you believe that you have a complaint, please contact us in one of the following ways: 

  • In writing to Millstream Management Services, McCarthy House, Yeoman Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3FA.
  • Via email to
  • Telephone 01425 888910

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt of your letter, email or telephone call, and investigated thoroughly in accordance with established in-house procedures.

Within 20 days of receiving the complaint, we will send you either a final response or a holding response which explains why we are not in a position to resolve the complaint and indicate when we will be in a position to make further contact.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of our initial investigation, please contact  Managing Director, Millstream Management Services, McCarthy House, Yeoman Road, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 3FA.

In the event that the final review, as detailed above, still fails to satisfy your complaint, then Millstream Management Services will provide you with the necessary information i.e. address, telephone number, email address, to enable you to refer your complaint to the Property Ombudsman Service.

You are also entitled to have your complaint referred to the Property Ombudsman Service, if we fail to deal with matters promptly, i.e. within 45 working days from the date of written notification to ourselves.

Updated April 2019

Does MMS comply with any other national standards for good management?

Yes, Millstream Management Services (MMS) is a member of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers (ARHM) and actively supports it aim of raising standards. We operate within the ARHM’s Government approved Code of Practice.

MMS is a voluntary member of the Property Ombudsman Service, providing our customers with independent redress should the need arise.

Can I carry out improvements to the interior of my property? ie: replace the bathroom or kitchen.

Yes you may, however you will need permission from the landlord first. In most cases Millstream Management Services are authorised to grant permissions on behalf of the landlord but we will inform you otherwise if necessary.

What are the Terms of the lease?

Your Legal Representative should provide you with a copy of the Lease applicable to your property. The Terms will be defined within that Document.

Can I keep a pet in a Millstream managed property?

Pets are usually allowed, if not restricted by any terms of the Lease. Millstream Management Services are responsible for issuing Pet Agreements on behalf of the landlord and the Lodge Manager will be able to advise you on the process.

Can I sublet my Apartment?

Yes, subject to terms and conditions, providing there is no restriction in the lease.

Please contact us in advance if this is something you want to do, and we will provide you with the information you require.

Are the Service Charges and Ground Rent still payable if my apartment is empty?

Yes. These costs are calculated and divided equally between all of the apartment owners and are therefore still payable if the home owner is absent. Please refer to the terms of your lease for the full details of Service Charges and Ground Rents.

What are the costs involved if I was to sell my apartment?

You will need to refer to your lease for the full terms and conditions regarding the sale of your apartment. However typically there will be a 1% contribution of the selling price to be credited to the developments Contingency Fund.

The Contingency Fund is collected by MMS and held in trust on behalf of the development’s Owners to be used towards longer term repair and replacement costs for that development.There will also be the other usual costs associated with selling a property, such as solicitor fees and estate agent fees.

Who pays the Service Charges on unsold apartments?

Service charges are collected on completion and payments will continue until the apartment is sold.

Why do 2 bed apartments pay more than 1 bed apartments for service charges?

The service charges are set out in the terms of the lease. For apartment buildings, service charges can be apportioned in different ways. These can be based on size, apartment or on the number of bedrooms. Leases vary considerably and at Millstream Management Services, we have to abide by the terms in the lease. 

On arrival, we were instantly greeted by Tony the Lodge Manager, and within minutes, you could see my 82 year old mother's fears were put to rest. Tony came across as a genuinely warm, kind and caring person and assured us that his role as Lodge Manager was to make my mother's time at William Lodge as happy as can be. It is comforting to know he is around and we all as a family feel our mother made the right choice moving to William Lodge - Tony has been a major factor in helping her settle in and continuing to assist her.


Nicola Hart, daughter of Owner at William Lodge, Malmesbury